A headstone is a memorial stone stone set at the head of a grave. It is engraved to commemorate the life of the deceased. Headstones can mark single or twin graves. Alternative names are gravestone or tombstone.

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A ledger is a flat slab of stone, laid horizontally over a grave.

Memorial Plaques

A memorial plaque is a flat inscribed marker plate, usually made from stone or metal. It is fixed to a flat surface such as a wall and used to commemorate the life of a person or a specific event. Alternative name is tablet.

Full Monument

A full monument is best described as a ‘bed’. It is available in single and double sizes and comprises a headstone as the bedhead, the base under the headstone would be the pillow, the ledger panel would be the mattress, surrounded by a curb area.

Technological advancement in the memorial industry has allowed for much greater customer choice

Slopper or Desk

This is an angled grave marker which is made from granite or cement. Granite sloppers can be engraved or have a plaque attached.


An urn is used to hold the cremation ashes of the deceased. These have traditionally consisted of basic boxes or jars. Now urns come in a wide range of styles and designs and are available online. Many can be personlised both in design and inscription.

Customisation of Memorial Design

Technological advancement in the memorial industry has allowed for much greater customer choice. Unique headstones can now be designed by the individual and manufactured to the highest standard. Forever Shining has worked with customers to design unusual, original and contempory memorial designs.

These have included the following:

  1. motorcycle headstones,
  2. car headstones,
  3. teddy bear headstones,
  4. horse headstones,
  5. heart headstones,
  6. angel headstones.

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